Travel Jeopardy

The world today has become a global village in which people irrespective of nationalities reside in one place. We have become undivided though we are still separate from each other religiously, culturally, geographically. We are now related to one other. A large number of people in far-flung places get affected by anything in a single period. What happens to India will usually reach the United States.

Continents were not connected technologically in the early centuries. They were separated from each other as if there is another distinct world within the earth. Natives were not aware of other places. Nobody knew that expedition is possible and treasurable. Resources that could be gathered from distant locations were unknown to them. This is reasonable as traveling was not possible during those times. There were no modes of transport so how can such discoveries be made? 

The ultimate realization by people in the production of transportation mechanisms led to the beginning of the transformation in their lives. It opened opportunities to make a livelihood from it. Transport enabled them to trade. It slowly began to connect China and India and then gradually the rest of the world. Traveling earlier was only possible on land but now it can easily be done via air and water. 

 The man travels for several reasons. Business, vacation, family visits are some of the most common reasons. The modes of transport like airbus and trains have made traveling easy and reduced the amount of time. This is one of the reasons that people from all races are found everywhere in the world. For instance, in the US, Indians, Chinese, Malaysian, and citizens from almost every nation live and work together. An Arabic can be seen on the streets of India because he might have to visit his relative. It has become in contrast to the early days when only a particular community resides in their native place. No foreigner is found in their city or country. 

 The ease of movement has also made possible the widely apparent transmission of diseases globally. Any person who travels to a foreign place carries with him diseases that can be transmissible. The chances are very low when infected persons stay at one place as had happened in the early days a disease lived in a boundary. Nowadays, diseases spread incessantly and cannot be curbed easily. There is no ending to it. Thus, causing an increase in the risk of infection. Every person from any part of the world can be infected at the same time by one disease. More than dozens of diseases today infect every individual and claim their lives. 

  It can be observed that traveling is one of the crucial factors in the spread of diseases. The travelers unknowingly bring the germs along with them and thus affect the city in which they roam. This does not conclude that one should not travel. Everyone deserves to add colors to their life. Because of the current and permanent situation of the aggressive spread of diseases, we need to be cautious while traveling. Taking precautions is the most accurate measure to free this world of the diseases. 

Trusting the world

We often tend to trust a person we love with regard to the fact that it gets reciprocated. This is natural. This is not our mistake. We too have our right to trust our loved ones. There is no point in distrusting the person we love if he loves you back. We trust him blindly. We do not feel the need to be cautious of that person. It becomes impossible to listen negatively about him. It could be anyone-father, mother, brother, sister, spouse. Their love for us is pure. It is not a mixture of hatred, jealousy, or any kind of ill-feeling. These people will love us unconditionally. They will never demand anything no matter how much we hurt them. 

 When we trust our loved ones, it becomes important to be careful about our feelings. Our mistakes are not realized until we commit them. We trust him unconditionally that we become enthusiastic to share our life with him. The thought of suspicions does not cross our minds. This cannot be contemplated that our trust can be broken anytime. We cannot get acknowledged about him not being trustworthy. The idea of him being wrong to you becomes unexpected. This becomes a blow to our lives. 

The trust gets shattered into crystals. It cannot be glued again. The possibility to win back that trust becomes nil. This becomes injurious to our lives. We start to view every person with suspicion. The friend we are spending time with might be laughing at us behind our backs. The whole of life becomes miserable. It becomes difficult to live peacefully.

The lesson we learn is that we should be reserved for our feelings. We cannot share everything with anyone. The future is uncertain. It is not known when we can be blamed for our mistakes. The mistake of feeling belonging to him. We do not have control over anything. We cannot assume what might our loved one been thinking. It is important to keep our feelings to ourselves because the world is selfish. It is judgemental. They will judge you, laugh at you, alienate you. 


India is fortunate enough to control the disease in time because it is one among the last few countries that are hit by the novel coronavirus. Majority of Indians started to take precautions as the news of the high number of deaths reached their ears. The total lockdown, to some extent, has been successful in tackling the fatal micro-organism. Though the cases are surging every day yet our situation thankfully did not become equal to the U.S, the U.K and other European countries. The situation could not be controlled by China in the first hand because it was the first country to be hit by the crisis. Its seriousness was not understood until there was a rise in a number of casualties. However, draconian measures were to be implemented if the epidemic has to be extirpated completely. And that implementation was a success. The number of negative COVID-19 cases were widely apparent in China. But, countries like Italy, the UK, and the U.S, which were severely hit by coronavirus after China overlooked the situation. They were not making themselves prepared for the worst that has happened. They did not decide to go on complete lockdown and now they are suffering the consequences.

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious and transmissible virus. It can be very easily spread through droplets while we sneeze, or by a subconscious touch on the steel. The virus today is getting so powerful that it is trapping a whole community of people. Every second person is getting contaminated in a minute. Getting yourself isolated at home for a few weeks can be very effective in combating the virus. The community does not always have wise people. Some will act recklessly because of which the whole community would suffer. In such circumstances, it becomes substantial for the government to interfere and impose restrictions. The lockdown activated by the Indian Government has proven to be beneficial in some sense as the healthcare system was able to provide great assistance at the hour of need. But as the present scenario depicts the rising number of cases, the system has to become advanced for the next few months. The facilities have to be arranged so adequately that the outbreak could be tackled easily. This demands time and lockdown for several weeks has to be implemented for the government to make arrangements.

Moreover, it is challenging for the authorities to deal with people’s ignorance regarding the severity of the situation. It is substantially needed to make people aware of the performance and consequences of coronavirus. They should be reminded every day that maintaining a distance is more important these days than a social gathering. if the lockdown is sustained for more than a couple of months, there will be an insurgency of famine-like environment. There is no way than to cooperate with the government if life has to be returned to normalcy. This pandemic has to be taken seriously as we are afraid to lose our loved ones, especially our grandparents. The old people are very difficult to convince them of self-quarantine. It is the responsibility of those who are fit, by God’s grace, to make sure they remain at home. It is time to realize that we need to act diligently towards those who are suffering from a weak immune system. This is the time to get unified and save mankind.

Worthless, Aimless Life

If you are suffering from low self-esteem, then this article is for you.

In life, we somewhere come across a phase in which we think of ourselves as the most worthless human being in this world. We consider ourselves no better than a gipsy. We become jobless, lazy to do anything. This phase makes us incapable to decide what do we want in our life. Having a large number of options in front of us makes us confused. All the options are available for us and we are eligible for them. But we do not come to any point. Our life becomes languid. Moreover, we do not feel anyone’s presence around us. Everyone we know seems to be busy, engrossed in their own lives. Above all, we only do not want to disturb anyone. Or, the worst circumstances could be people end up judging you. We do not want anyone to think that I am being a nuisance or I am intruding someone’s comfort. We make ourselves completely isolated from the world.

Then there comes a time when it becomes necessary to make a choice and decide to act upon that choice. That is necessary. Because you have to make your life meaningful. If you want to get prioritized and gain confidence that you can do something, then you have to decide. You will get that thing by your hard work and prayers. Though things will take time to happen, but it will happen. You cannot get whatever you want. But what you get is better than what you wanted. That’s why never get shattered when things are not in your favour. Take everything positively. Half of your life’s problems will be solved this way.

Then, life is full of surprises. You never know what might happen next. You decide to achieve your goal, unexpected things will come up. You cannot do anything except to adapt the situation. And then you get used to it. This will contribute to development of your identity. That ensures that yes you have done something in your life and you are capable to do anything you want. So, be hopeful, and stay mentally prepared.

Humans and Nature

nature red forest leaves

Nature plays a key role in defining the circumstances of our lives. Our lives revolve around acts of nature. It is responsible for constant changes in our lives. The schedule of the day we plan is totally different from the schedule nature plans. And in this game of plan, nature governs us. We are not aware of what nature has in hold for us. Will it destroy our lives completely or cherish it? That is unknown to us. We are not left with any option but to accept whatever it has done to us. If it has destroyed our lives, we have to wind up the mess. Our fight with nature is continuous and futile. Hence, giving meaning to life.

It depends on us how we react to what nature bestows upon us. If it rains many people enjoy while others dislike it. People enjoy rain because they love the cold drops falling on their body. They love the smell of wet mud. These people are usually thankful for nature. They usually possess a lively and cheerful nature. I personally like these kinds of people. They enjoy their lives. Whereas, there are people who do not like rain because it brings failure to execute their plans of the day. Such people I believe have a dull personality. They always want to remain gloomy and grave. They miss the opportunity to enjoy life when it rains. In my case, I really love what nature showers upon me. By that I mean, I love when it rains. I live in India where we do not observe the fall season. However, I frequently look at photos of the trees changing themselves to different colours. I love how they change themselves to different beautiful hues. It is my dream to witness the fall season once in my life. I even have never witnessed the snowfall in my region. I again look at the photographs of the snow-covered ground and wonder to play on it.

Nature makes the earth beautiful and that is its positive side. Where it adds colours to our lives, in the other half, it brings darkness to life. Nature can take life too. My heart aches when people get drowned by floods caused by heavy rains. I get goosebumps when I imagine how people must have struggled to breathe beneath the debris after a deadly earthquake. Nature sometimes becomes cruel. Thousands of people lose their food, money, shelter, their loved ones. I believe this to be the test by God. It is the test of their deep faith. If we have deep faith in God, there is nothing that can affect us. We get the courage to fight against the calamity. It is the attitude we inherit to face it. Either we set our mindset that God is with us and never let anything effect us or we give up. Things will effect and destroy us if we do not adopt this positive mindset.

Thus, we have a profound relationship with nature. This relationship cannot be finished by us.We are dependent on it. We should accept whatever nature brings upon us. The famous Jean-Paul Satre in his text “Existentialism and Human Emotions”, argued that the choices we make construct the essence of our lives. We are born without the essence. But it is the choice that develops our personality. In the same way, how we deal with nature is totally in our hands. And that makes us an extraordinary person.